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You can try to talk to Neige about Vil's behavior change but it won't help. Vil just needs to smile Neige starts telling lies about how you and he are together and you are just bad to admit it. And your stupid brother really believes this ( Hopefully stupidity doesn’t run in the family ) Pairing: Vargas x Pregnant Wife!Reader. Tags: Fluff, a shitty one-shot, short reader with Herculean strength (if you aren't irl, please pretend that you are in this story), Mozus being savage towards Vargas, Crewel and Crowley lowkey envious of Vargas having a wife, strong reader, wth did i just write. Hey guys, I'm back at writing at last.

twst x reader twisted wonderland x reader riddle rosehearts x reader leona kingscholar x reader azul ashengrotto x reader kalim al asim x reader vil May I request headcanons of Sawanaclaw and Scarabia with gn!reader who loves gingerbread men and asks boys to help them decorate it?

Mar 31, 2019 - Cross stitch patterns free Hello Friends We shared a very nice cross stitch patterns with 20 Today you. Children can very nice motif or decorate the room. Come easy to you. Mai tsurugi x reader relationship headcannons. There is almost NO content for her so uwu. (This is so self indulgent). (Yeah I don't write for the kid characters sorry). Will do<3. * character x reader. - headcannons. - One shots. - Scenarios. - Matchups (coming soon!)

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Oct 20, 2019 · these are just some cute fanfics that i wrote in my free time and decided to post bc why not for now it's mostly f!various x reader bc i don't see it often posts are irregular constructive criticism, comments and kudos are very much appreciated btw this is my first time writing fanfics and contributing to the fandom so please be gentle w/ the ...

This bookshop of wonders has pieces of writing to change your dull and grey days into a bright, colorful one. Reservations for customized writings are currently open. Please read Amenity's mannerisms to reserve. All works can be seen in Amenity's catalogue . riddle, azul, vil, and malleus w/ the reader turned baby.Prince Ben of Auradon decides on his first proclamation. He decides to bring five of the Isle's villains to Auradon - the son of Jafar, the son of Cruella De Vil, the daughter of the Evil Queen, the daughter of King Candy, and the daughter of Maleficent. Yandere!Vil x sw!Reader x Rook Pt.1. AU: an AU where the reader is in Neige's place, sorta, idk how to explain, also SW means Snow white for short, so some things from the Snow white tale will be there, it won't follow all of it though +.

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Epel Felmier x Vil Schoenheit. Posted 25 minutes ago. 0 Likes.

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lordsisterxotome. Fandom: Ikemen Sengoku. Pairing: Kenshin Uesugi x Reader. Fandom: Ikemen Sengoku. Pairing: Yukimura Sanada x Reader. Prompt: Face sitting | Deep throating. Warning: Smut!